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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tweaking the Formula

Ok, real quick...

I just got out of the shower and am sort of lackadaisically making myself prepared for work. As I was toweling off here in my bedroom I noticed my blog had several unpublished comments. Not wanting to waste a second I sat down to address the situation aaaand that's when inspiration struck.

First order of business after publishing comments: to look up "lackadaisically" to discover how many points that would be in Scrabble, but alas, the
Oracle has failed me. I suppose I could play the game to find out, but I don't relish getting my ass kicked by some 10-year old in Sri Lanka. Besides I don't have that kind of time this morning.

Second: see if I can get a feel for what floats all y'all's boat in terms of boobage. After all, I want the finished product to be juuusst right. Besides, you've all been so nice to visit me lately and let me know you're eagerly hanging on my every next word (heh) and I think that deserves something dammit, don't you? Ahem, anyway. Exhibit 1:

So? Good? Bad? I think it has a certain "I need to be turned off for life before I join the convent" sort of quality to it.

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