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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

Norb: Yeah, Jen and I were going to go to the event but I'm going alone.

Me: How come?

Norb: Jen's rabbit is sick.

Me: Um.... rabbit?

Norb: Yeah, we have a pet rabbit and it's been a bit ill lately. We took it to the vet and she's on the mend, but Jen wants to keep and eye on her in case she takes a turn for the worse.

Me: But you're going to go without here huh?

Norb: Sure, it should be fun. Besides, I have to go. It was supposed to be a couples event so I'll just have to give her regards to everyone.

Me: Oh, this is too perfect!

Norb: Huh? What's so perfect?

Me: Well think about it. When people ask you where Jen is, you can say "oh, she'd couldn't come. She had to watch her hare." [followed by much snickering...by me].

Norb: You moron.

(And I never even got to mention that if things didn't go well, they'd then be able to claim the "rabbit done died.")


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