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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Cast

Me: Father of The Puffinator and Flyboy. Also, the music fanatical (or is that "musically fanatic?") former conservative Republican who loves sex, travel, and whose mantra is "there are no ordinary moments" or "welcome to life." Oh, and I sometimes say "sucks to be you" too.

The Puffinator: Offspring #1. My guitar playing, fiction writing, eclectic music lover daughter who pronounces "bugs" as if there are extra U's in the word: "buuugs" and still calls me "Daddy." Or "Dadoo;" I hear that one a lot also.

FlyBoy: Offspring #2. The drum playing, rock music loving, fighter jet obsessed son who's prone to dying his hair blue and has reached the age where saying "I love you" to his dad (that's me) is something one just does. not. do.

Jake, aka LazyAss: Our ginger cat who'd rather find a warm spot in the sun than catch a mouse.

Nash, the cone-headed nutbar of a Golden Retriever: He spins in circles when you're about to take him outside, lays on his back with his legs sticking up when he sleeps (picture the dead horse from Animal House), and the only Golden I've ever seen who hates the water.

The Man: My boss. Really, anyone who can direct me to perform tasks at work that I'd rather not be doing.

- The Number of People Stunned by My Mediocrity