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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Born to be Wiii-iiild!

So what does a guy, facing a 3-day weekend...

With no kids to guide into adulthood...

Do with himself?

Not that you perv.

No, he rents one of these*:

Then he drives here:

To watch these

At this event! (what did you think those were? Locusts?)

At said event these guys are playing:

Who go by the name:

Where said guy hopes to maybe run into one some of these:

And really hopes she doesn't look like this in the morning!

I mean, it is Batfest after all.


And how does a guy who's had a weekend such as this wake up for work Tuesday morning?

  • Sore
  • Sunburned
  • Slightly hungover
  • More than slightly tattooed

*No, the spill underneath isn't from the bike; it was there before the bike was.


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