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Monday, November 05, 2007

Behind the 8-Ball

Ok, I'm working hard *hehe* on the smut post, so just be patient people. I'm not just some Larry Flynt porn peddler here. I'm working on quality! But let me ask you, do you think it's really possible to fuck (sorry, there's just no better way of saying it) someone so energetically that you blow her earrings out? Just wondering.

ANYwho--- here's a couple things to ponder, snicker at, or dismiss entirely in the meantime.

Funniest thing I heard lately: "Ok, I'm going back to my penis poem." You know who you are: you funny.

Something I really did not need to hear someone say loudly from one of the stalls as several men were lined up at the urinals: "Woah, smells like someone's been eating asparagus!"

Other posts I'm working on as I can, either between my job requirements or being able to kick my son off the computer at home:

  • My take on spirituality vs. religion (yes I think they are very different things)
  • How to make a PB&J (a challenge from Superstar)
  • My urge to join a charity organization like the Peace Corps
  • A title I metaphorically call "Going Deep"
  • Another installment of my short (thank God) stay "inside"
As you can see, the queue is backing up. I feel like I'm online for a Hanna Montanna concert.


But wait; there's more! How could I have forgotten? I'm also working on a post in which I detail a sure fire way to double, tripple, or even factor-ten your blog hits, virtually overnight! And this won't be some pithy commentary littered with thinly veiled attempts at humor and/or entertainment. No, people, this will be a hard-hitting expose on what it takes to make it in today's blogosphere: tits.

Yes, my friends, tallent and something to say that others find interesting will only get you so far in the modern world of the internets. If you really want to close escrow you have to have to be sans Y-chromosome and proclaim to love you some skin flute. Of course you attract the pervs too, but hey, even the carcass of the golden-fleeced ram attracts worms.

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