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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Everyone Loves Dyck

Yes, tis true Virginia, there is a Santa Clause; and he looks like a freaky monkey in a clown suit. I've been a little maudlin on this site lately, and I'd like to give a shout out to the guy who gave me a chuckle recently. A man who gives the term "spanking the monkey" a whole new meaning. At least I think he's a guy; there's really no proof honesly. In my last post, Dyck requested that I post about celebrity boobies. And since I'm kinda tired and also a little drunk, I'm going to throw this out for his satisfaction, then go drive 90mph through a few school zones.

Without further preamble, celebrity boobies for the men:

Mmmmmm... nothing says "stab me in the eyes with an icepick" like those. Can I get an "AMEN!"

But I'm not about to leave the ladies hanging:

Yeah, that's a sexy bitch, right ladies? I hear he can also give you makeup tips and he's also seen often with his sexy counterpart:

Redheads not your particular cup of tea? Like them tall, dark, and intellectual? Ok. Never let it be said I'm not the pleasing type. I got your tall, dark, and intellectual right here:

And don't forget to pick up his latest book:

I hope this serves as satisfying Dyck's desire for celebrity boobies. If not, I ask you to consider this:

Not that this applies to him, necessarily; I'm just sayin'.

- The Number of People Stunned by My Mediocrity