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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ten Things I Did Today

  1. Reviewed every single post I've ever made on this site
  2. Deleted every single reference to my "alter ego"
  3. Removed every single picture of me
  4. Noted that I really fucking suck at writing sometimes
  5. Wondered why in the hell anyone would want to read the insipid crapola I spew here
  6. Realized that well, my writing seems to have improved significantly since I started EA
  7. Noted that I have 127 posts saved as drafts in my archive. 127, people. Damn.
  8. Decided Micheal Jackson would have a better shot at attracting women right now
  9. Wrote a list of everything I could remember I did today, to distract my brain
  10. Started writing a really, really steamy smut post

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