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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Quote of the Day

My wife and I are blessed to have two kids close enough in age - and manageable enough - to enjoy each other's company. Well, they enjoy being around each other most of the time anyway. From our positions downstairs we can often hear them rough-housing on the beds above us, or otherwise playing together, if seldom quietly.

Not long ago was just such a day. Our naughty spawn were playing some kind of dog pile game with all the pillows they could find. There's only a small risk of asphyxiation by smothering your sibling in pillows and jumping on the pile, right? Still, it's not like dog-pile was when I was a kid. When my brothers and I played this game it usually resulting in someone being pinned to the ground while another someone tickled his nose with a blade of grass or threatened to spit on his face. Ah, youth.

Anyway, it was our son's turn on the bottom. I heard our daughter yell, "here I come!" and WHUMP!

Then we hear, from our son: "Aaaahhhh, my spleen! I can taste my spleen!"

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