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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Questions I Have

  1. Why is it that when a child forgets to request otherwise and his burger comes with onions, he's not content with simply removing the onions from between the buns? For some reason this is not acceptable and the onions must be removed from the plate entirely, lest their evil nastiness contaminate any other food item on the plate.
  2. How do I tell what performed searches listed my site in the results? I read so many blogs that note theirs was listed in the results when someone typed, oh, I don't know, "dog barking nun muncher" and, being new to blogging, I can't help but wonder how they know this.
  3. Finally, this one was inspired by a conversation I had with my son this afternoon on the way home from dinner and the onion-contamination-banishment incident. If I fly westward fast enough, will the change in time zones cause me to move backwards through time? According to my son this is how Superman pulled it off so he could prevent Lois' death in that earthquake.

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