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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why Yes, They Are Homeschooled. Why?

Yesterday was another day of perpetual football. Our son had to be at the field at noon. He's on the Pee Wee division team, so we had to sit through the Mighty Mights and Jr. Pee Wee games before his team took the field.

Unfortunately they lost, but for the most part they played their hearts out. Their loss - this opponent - speaks loudly about how a very well funded team operates. Ours is a bush-league team run by people who just like to play. Their opponents today presented the appearance of a team that wins because that's what the parents DEMAND! As a result this junior football leage team has more sponsors than your average NASCAR crew. I've never seen a youth league football team that well funded. But more on that in a later post.

After the game our son walked from the field of battle, sweaty and beaten, carrying his pads and helmet. He looked like a character from one of those NFL nostalgia films. We'd been at the field for five hours and we were all looking forward to getting home to a hot meal. For me, however, cooking didn't sound all that exciting. So we turned to that bastion of U.S. culinary convenience: Burger King! Yes, we'll have Whoppers all around and don't forget the cheese! Drinks? Dr. Pepper of course. And don't skimp on those fries, Mister!

A quick detour through drive-thru and we were back on the road. FlyBoy plowed into his combo.

"Dang, the put a ton of lettuce on mine." he complained, opening his burger.

"Lettuce?" I asked, not sure what he said.

"Yeah. Lettuce. L-E-D-I-S."

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