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Monday, December 05, 2005


I know it's been a while since I've written. But lest those 2 people who actually read my blog wonder if I've died (which they really wouldn't since they're both related to me and therefore would presumably know if I've died before my blog writing becomes an issue) I figured I should at least pop in and say hi.

The truth is I've been a little "blah" about my blog lately. It doesn't appear to me that many people really read it anyway so I guess I question the point to some degree. I spend a lot of time reading others' blogs and it appears that blogging is the adult version of my high school years in that I'm entirely anonymous, even when I don't wish to be.

I guess I'm just sort of apathetic about the sameness of it all. I have several entries saved as drafts, but whenever I read them I feel they're simply, well, boring. It doesn't help that I read entries from those who appear for all to be gifted writers. I mean if you were all excited about the tool shed you've taught yourself to build and subsequently discovered that your entire neighborhood is able to build the Taj Mahal, you'd feel insignificant too. It reminds me of the scene in Father of the Bride, where Steve Martin's character is about to present as a gift some kind of small appliance he bought for his daughter and her new fiance, only to have the groom's parents show up with their gift of a brand new car. Anyway, pick your metaphor.

Still, I intend to continue, so here's a glimpse of entries to come:

  1. The hot-nurse vasectomy
  2. The greatest practical joke ever
  3. "I am not a piece of meat to be fought over"
  4. My life with a recovering Mormon
  5. And others...

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