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Sunday, April 27, 2008


So as the more perceptive of you will note, I've been absent a short while. Now don't go gettin' all weird on me; the fact that we made out and I didn't call you fourteen times the next day doesn't mean that I've gotten what I sought and now have moved on to the next conquest. No, I've actually been nursing several muscles pulled due to the continual clinching required to prevent being reamed by the union reps. Oh, they're all sweet as pie in the beginning. Well, except meat pie. Meat pie isn't sweet. Oh, on the surface, meat pie sounds like it should be good with a capital MMMMM! I mean you got meat: Good! You got pie: Good! But unless by "meatpie" you mean that particular part of a woman that goes well with whipped cream, meat pie is not what I'd call a tasty treat. It might sound good, but it tastes like ass.

And then there's rhubarb pie; another pie that makes you want to thrust your finger down your throat. Did you know rhubarb is a relative of buckwheat? I wonder why we never saw him on and Little Rascals episodes. Oh, and did you also know that the historical use for rhubarb was to induce vomiting? As far as I'm concerned that makes it singularly UN-fit to be a pie filling.

Anywho... I didn't bring you here to talk about pie. I brought you here to look at this*:

For those of you who can actually see that picture, you'll notice the little red circle. That's the current level of unread posts y'all have decided to share with the world which this particular visitor has yet to view. So as you can see, I've got a lot of reading to do.

*UPDATE::: That reads "671" for those of you with poor eyesight for one reason or another.

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