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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Peace, Love, Prosperity

Merry Christmas, everyone. Or Shalom, or blahhalla blub vreebprupta or whatever your particular religious flavor is. I sincerely hope you find on this day all the joy and happiness that you seek the rest the year through.

I've got a ton of posts in the queue. Isn't that a funny word "queue?" It's like the kind of word you try to pass off when you're short of ideas in Scrabble. heh. Anyway, I'm still laying low for the day, but I'll pick it up again soon. I'd use this opportunity to beg Dyck not to dump me from his sidebar but I'm already not on his sidebar so I've got nothing to lose.

Merry Christmas, all. Peace, Love, Prosperity; and the Life to find them all.
Oh, and PS: can someone tell me why when you hold down the Shift key and use the arrow keys to highlight the entire text, moving past the first character deletes the entire post? I can't prove it, but it's got to be a conspiracy of the Man.

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