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Thursday, September 21, 2006


I'm in Laramie, Wyoming now. What a trip it's been so far! I just may never return I tell ya. I'm sitting in an Applebee's, where they offer free wi-fi, which I'm using with the new laptop BuddhaWife's mother bought us in Albuquerque a couple weeks ago. She so rocks socks! Anyway, I'm on a time limit here, since we're all four jockey'ing for internet time right now, so here's the bullet points of the trip (a few of them, anyway)

  • Unschool conference and my SSUDs experience
  • The new lapop
  • The water tank from hell
  • Caverns at Carlsbad
  • Embrace the extras baby!
  • Hearing my grandmother talk about sex (I still shudder)
  • Filming with ABC News for Nightline
  • Snow in September in Wyoming
  • The Garage-mahal
  • and so much more

Stay tuned.

I'm out, again.

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