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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Quote of the Day

Actually, it was yesterday, but "Quote of Yesterday" sounds dumb, don't you think? And I didn't post it last night because, dang it, I'm toon enough!

Anyway, last night was game night. The four of us played Apples to Apples with my brother and his eldest son. Did I mention we bought a house in Houston with my brother? Perhaps not; but then again, none of you would care, anyway, since it's boring news to anyone but us, right? LOL.

For those not familiar with Apples to Apples, the object is to select the card from your hand that most closely describes the subject of the card in play. The subject card is chosen from a stack of green cards, each with an adjective printed on it. The cards in your hand are chosen from a stack of red cards, each printed with a noun. Once everyone has played one card - or two if your speedy enough - the dealer reads all choices and picks the one that (s)he likes best. Whomever threw that card gets to keep the green card. The first one with six green cards wins.

The word in play was "boring." My nephew was the dealer. We'd all thrown our cards and he was selecting the one he liked best, reading them out loud as he placed them face up next to the play card.

"The New York Yankees..." (some general nods)

"Fidel Castro..." (nods from adults, looks of confusion from children)

"My Childhood..." ("oooohhhh"'s from everyone)

"Disco Music..." ("what's Disco" from the kids)

"Michael Pifler..." (looks of confusion from everyone.)

Michael Pifler? Who's that? Then he layed the card down so we could read for ourselves and all I can say is I bet Catwoman would be insulted. Clearly he's never seen the kiss.

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