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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Be Trippin' or Wouldn't Mom Be Proud

The four of you who read this blog (I'm not including my wife, since she knows this already) might be wondering why I haven't posted lately.

Well, the reason is because I've moved. Actually a more accurate way of puting it is that I AM moving. My wife and I have had a dream for some time about seeing more of the world while our kids are still young enough to want to go with us. Several months ago we began planning our odyssey of discovery and this last weekend was when it started. For the next several years we plan to roam around the country in our MoHo (short for motor-home, not what you were thinking). Last Saturday we put New Jersey to our stern and headed south. Six states, 900 miles, and four days later, we find ourselves in Georgia, visiting BuddhaWife's best friend. As I don't yet have wireless internet - or a laptop computer - boondocking at her friend's would explain how I'm able to post this entry.

We plan to set up shop in Houston, Texas within the next week, part of which will be to get internet access up again so I can continue my average musings and hopefully entertaining the four people who read Effortlessly Average on a somewhat regular basis.

Anyone who knows me will say it's far outside my character to uproot my family, my career, and my home and leave behind the stable, average life of a stable, entirely average person so I could embark on a mindquest that has no direction or flight plan.

Now all I need to do is run into an old girlfriend so I can make her sorry she left me by telling her I'm now unemployed, homeless, and living in an RV.

Ah, wouldn't my mother be proud?

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