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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Glimpse At An Average Life

I always said I'd never do one of these posts because like a Top 40 hit, they're WAY over-played. But that was before I was tagged by my own bride, so now I feel compelled to respond because that's just the kind of husband I am damn it! If this kind of post gives you the same sensation as, oh I dunno, having your teeth flossed through you genitals , then you may want to skip Effortlessly Average today and return at a future date. However, as I have only six readers (five if you don't include my wife), I don't think I'm at risk of becoming anything more than marginally more unpopular than I already am. Remember, I'm Effortlessly Average.

So, here goes. Four Things Meme:

Wait. Before I get going, what the freak does "Meme" mean anyway? Is it Me-Me, as in "it's all about Me?" It can't be pronounced "meem" because that just makes no sense, unless of course it's Polish for "watch how many people we can convince to reveal waaaay too much about themselves in an obvious continuation of the 80's chain letter craze." Is Meme someone's name? Could this be the person who had finally tired of launching emails about lost children; toilet-dwelling spiders; email tracking payment programs a la Microsoft, M&Ms, or Nike, all ending with the assertions that "this is true because it happened to my sister's friend's gardener's brother's wife who knows this attorney whose firm worked on a case just like this, so it has to be true?" Did your brain short circuit reading that last sentence? Mine did, and now I can't understand it enough to edit it, so I'm letting it stand. With any luck it'll come across as educated.

Anyway, Four Things Meme:

Tagged by: BuddhaWife.

Four Jobs You Have Had
1- Financial analyst
2- Vacuum cleaner salesman (no, seriously; for about two weeks)
3- Waiter
4- Stockbroker
But not in that order

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
1- The War Wagon
2- Clue
3- Blazing Saddles
4- What the @#*! Do We Know

Four Places You've Been On Vacation
1- Park City, UT
2- Bahamas
3- Ensenada, Mexico
4- On a road trip from Reno, NV to Biloxi, MS and back

Four Websites You Visit Daily
1- Google News
2- Zubegirl
3- Toontown
4- Spankmywife.com*

Four Of Your Favorite Foods
1- Dr. Pepper. Not technically a food, but it's the first thing that popped into my head
2- Medium rare prime rib, with a tall, ice-cold Miller Genuine Draft
3- A big, juicy buffalo burger topped with melted Swiss and sauteed mushrooms
4- White chocolate

Four Places You'd Rather Be Right Now
1- Naked under a blanket with BuddhaWife; a cabin; the Rockies; a cozy fire; and Casablanca on the TV
2- King's Canyon, California in early summer
3- Exploring castles in England on horseback
4- Tracing a famous explorer's journey on an authentic sailing ship

Four Cars You Have Owned
1- 1974 Ford F-100 Ranger XLT. Loved that truck!
2- 1976 Ford Pinto (the most reliable wheels I'd ever owned)
3- 1985 Subaru hatchback
4- 2003 Dodge Durango. So much power you had to keep from swallowing your tongue when you punched the gas.

Four Bloggers You Are Tagging
1- yeah right, what website do you think this is?
2- 25% of my readership is the person who tagged me!
3- If I said "Tawnni Cable" do you think she'd actually respond?
4- See #1

*Admit it, you were going to go see if it really existed, were you?

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