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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Quotes of the Day

The lights were on on the field. It was FlyBoy's first official game as a defensive tackle for the Colts. His football game had just ended (they won 20-0) and everyone's packing up to leave.

Anouncer: "Thanks to everyone for coming out to watch the game. As you leave, please help us keep the field clean by picking up any debris lying around."

PJ and I have our hands full of chairs, cameras, and blankets. I pointed to our trash of soda cans and hot dog holders. "Puffin, would you please pick up that 'debris' and put it in the trash?"

My 11 year-old daughter The Puffinator: "Sorry Dad, that's debris. I only pick up night-bris."

We've arrived home. I put the Honda in park and we all start to pile out. The drive is completely dark because the flood lights that normally illuminate it are burned out and I've been too lazy to replace them. Also, the only time I remember is at night when it's too dark to do anything about it. The only light at the moment is from the street lamp over by the firehouse. It's been a somewhat humid, misty day and the fog is lending a sort of eeriness to the moment. Buddha Wife walked to the back of the car to unpack the trunk.

FlyBoy, when he stepped out of the car and looked back at her: "Woah, Mom, in this light you look just like a zombie!" [a pause while he considers what he just said] "No offense; I'm not saying you're ugly or anything."

- The Number of People Stunned by My Mediocrity