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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pigs Don't Sweat

Me: So how was practice, Bud?

FlyBoy: Fine.

Me: Did they work you out hard?

FlyBoy: Yeah.

Me: Did you sweat like a dog?

FlyBoy: Well, no, since dogs don't sweat.

Me [thinking for a moment]: Yeah, I think you're right. Well then, did you sweat like a pig?

Wife: Pigs don't sweat either.

Me: Sure they do. I've heard that idiom my whole life, "sweat like a pig."

Wife: No they don't. Why do you think they roll in the mud? To keep themselves cool.

Me [feeling a little surly]: Well I can always count on you for that.

Wife: For what?

Me: To be sure to point out my mistakes in front of everyone else.

Wife: Well, if you'd stop being wrong...

- The Number of People Stunned by My Mediocrity