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Monday, November 05, 2007

Never Let It Be Said I'm Not A Giver

Because BottleBlonde asked, and I'm apparently vain enough to accommodate a woman who's not only startlingly beautiful, but funny and smart to boot, here's a close-up of my golden- colored eyes. It's the only redeeming physical quality I have (aside from, maybe, the fact that my shoulders, at their widest part, are 58 inches around). Picture quality sucks thanks to the poor-ish quality of the enlargement (a disappointment usually reserved until a woman sees me naked) and the fact that I have zero Photoshop skills, but you get the idea. I like the color of my eyes and I hope they remain that color and sharpness for the rest of my days. It's everything around them that needs to be redesigned. Heh. I'd better click "Publish Post" before I think twice about this.

UPDATE:: I changed the picture up there. I like that one better. A little cropping here, a little cropping there; but never changing the color. How would you like to see those staring out at you every day? Yes, I'll take my compliments as they are intended: gracefully. Unless you're all saying you like them just to be nice; like telling a fat person he's got a great personality. heh. I tried to find another picture of myself that might suffice, but I could only find this one:

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